Why Search With Us?

We have our own search indexes

While we retrieve some snippets from external sources like Wikipedia, most of the results that you see come from our own indexes and Bing.

We're customizable

You can set various attributes in the settings panel. You can even set your own CSS and blacklist websites in our advanced settings.

Several integrated results (with more coming)

Here are a few examples of instant results that are already integrated into Infinity Search.

We publish open source projects

Parts of the Infinity Search system are open source and the code can be found here. We have also created other projects that anyone can use for other purposes, such as our analytics system and text analyzer.

We have shortcuts

Shortcuts are a quick way for you to redirect your search to another site directly from our service.

For any DuckDuckGo users out there, we integrated the same bang functionality as them. An example of how this works would be searching for "!w hello world". You can search through all of the shortcuts that we provide here!

Coil integration

Coil is a new way of monetizing the web that allows users to directly support the sites that they visit. This is made possible by the new Web Monetization Standard. Coil members do not need a Pro account to access our results.

The Coil architecture is also built to respect the privacy of their users and more information about this can be found on their privacy policy and this blog post of theirs.

We don't save your searches

Our service does not invade the privacy of our users. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.