Infinity Search Privacy Policy

Information Collected

The only metrics that we save about the visitors of our site are the pages that are viewed and HTTP referrers. We built our own open source analytics platform, Infinity Analytics, so that we could still get site usage metrics while respecting the privacy of our users.

Information Not Collected

We do not collect or log data about the individual users who access this website. This means that we do not log IP addresses or user-agent strings. We also do not use cookies at all, which is one the most common ways that other websites attempt to track you online, even after you have left their site.

Information Shared

Since we are using third-party APIs to gather the search results, those services can view the searches that we make. They cannot see, however, who made the search because it appears to them as our service making the search. This is the same way that DuckDuckGo works as well.

How We Value Your Privacy

We value your privacy here by simply never straying away from the privacy policy described above. Our model is designed to respect the privacy of all our users.