More Privacy Information About Us

We've had many people ask us questions about the technical aspects of how we manage user privacy. This post answers these questions.

Do you open source any of your code? Where can we find it?

Yes, all of our code is open source! It can all be found at

We are also working on other search services that include a web crawler, indexer, and our desktop version of Infinity Search that will also be open source. These are still in the early stages of development, however, and they will be released sometime in the future.

What customer data is collected, how often, and in what level of identification?

Since we are using the Microsoft's Cognitive Services API, the searches that have been made on our behalf are saved by Microsoft. It just appears to Microsoft as us making the searches, however. We are also considering integrating our results from other services such as Mojeek, DuckDuckGo, and our custom API in the future. We will maintain the same process described above for any future integrations.

To measure site usage, we use Fathom Analytics. They do not track or store our visitors’ personal information and give us site metrics by taking anonymous data. This article published by them describes how they manage this: Their demo page displays what a site owner can see about their users:

We take user privacy very seriously and we believe that for our service, the best possible way to achieve this is by not collecting data about our customers or attempting to identify them. The information above is already available in our privacy policy but this can give users a more in-depth look at how information is being handled by our service.

Will changes to your Terms & Conditions and privacy policies be communicated to end users at least 30 days in advance of any changes? How will these changes be communicated?

Yes. If we are going to make changes to our privacy policy we will notify our users through our blog posts and through Twitter at least 30 days in advance. We also do not plan any making any changes to our policy in the foreseeable future.

What processes do you have in place if there is unauthorized access to data?

We do not log or save any data of our own and our code is open source, so this scenario does not apply to our service.

Have you had an independent audit? Please share the date of the latest one and the findings.

No. We are a new service and have never had an audit of any kind. Since our service is open source, anyone is welcome to view our code, analyze it for their concerns, and inform us of the results.

If you require sign-up or account creation, do consumers have easy access to tools to delete their data? Can they delete everything on the servers or just the local cache?

We do not have sign-up or account creation, so there is no data for us to save about our users.

How else does Infinity Search help with privacy?

By default, we send user search queries through POST data. This makes it so that what was searched for is encrypted and also cannot be seen in the user's search history. We do have the option to search topics from GET requests, but that is just for the functionality of sending a search made on our site in the form of a simple link (such as