About Infinity Search

What We Do

Infinity Search is an open source privacy search/metasearch engine built to connect everyone to a broader grasp of the internet. We designed our service so that people can be more efficient and effective when they are searching online. We do this by providing quick and relevant results while also making it easy to search for the same thing on other internet resources if our results are not enough.

Infinity Search Features

Why We Made Infinity Search

We made Infinity Search so that people could use the internet in a more efficient, effective, and enjoyable way. With current search engines, if you can't find what you're searching for on the first page, the general rule is that you may as well give up. There are, however, several other search engines and internet resources online with their own algorithms and results that will probably have what you are searching for. Many people are unaware of some of these sites and it would be inconvenient for them to search the same thing on several of them. We made this service to solve this problem.

The second reason for making this service is so that people can have another search engine that values their privacy. People have a right to their privacy and many of the current search engines do everything that they can to track and identify their users. We wanted to make a search engine that people can use without having to worry about their privacy being violated. Our service doesn't even use cookies.

How Infinity Search Works

When you search for something on our site, we take the results from other search engines and our own indexes, organize it, and display it directly to you without logging any information about you.

How We Keep This Service Going

Our service is funded by non-tracking advertisements, affiliate links, and a pro version (in development).